Partners and interfaces

Together for new times in the real estate industry

We cooperate with partners from different areas: ERP providers, PropTechs with special solutions, but also management consultancies and associations. We all have one goal: to free the real estate industry from mountains of paper, overflowing email inboxes and the stressful daily routine for you, your employees and customers. With new ways of working to new successes in a new era.

Digital is good, seamless is better!

Interfaces to ERP systems

ERP systems are basic systems for master data collection for every real estate professional. They cover the entire range of commercial and technical real estate management. However, ERP systems do not map integrative processes in which, for example, prospective tenants and owners are involved in communication. This is the case, for example, with tenant changes or property sales, the core business processes of the real estate industry. Here, the ERP system records a status, but the associated process from marketing to handover now takes place outside the ERP system - via marketing portals, e-mail, telephone and handwritten documents.The EverReal platform ideally complements any ERP system here: import data once and you can see all upcoming notices and the current vacancy at a glance. The rental process can then be handled directly via EverReal, from marketing to apartment handover, completely and seamlessly digital.

Let the EverReal team advise you without obligation on how to connect your ERP system to EverReal in a meaningful way.
Focus on customer service instead of data entry!

Interfaces to other specialized solutions

The life cycle of a property is very long. A software that maps all work processes in different areas in a well thought-out way - impossible. Most special solutions focus on a specific cycle niche and professionalize the work processes there. "Interface" is not the word of the year 2021 in the industry for nothing - we all want you to focus on customer consulting and business development instead of data entry.

We will be happy to advise you free of charge and without obligation on how EverReal can be easily integrated into your existing systems and specific software solutions.
Learning together with and from each other!

Our service and association partners

Associations are strong and important communities of interest for our customers in the real estate industry. We actively participate in discussion groups and constructive exchange for a better digital real estate future. In addition, we seek and enter into partnerships that help real estate companies move forward with their services and service offerings. Relieving your daily workload and supporting you in positioning your company securely and successfully for the future - that is our common goal.

You want to bring real estate companies into a new era with us? We are looking forward to chatting with you!