Digital rental with EverReal

Well positioned for the future - with digital leasing

Professionalize the (new)leasing process - because it's more than just a self-disclosure download

Real estate leasing - the problem child of the real estate industry. Today, the process is time-consuming and unprofitable. Why? Because the parties involved, such as owners, property managers, brokers and interested parties, exchange a lot of information and data. These run through different systems and tools that are not synchronized with each other. Overview of all processes? Data-based decisions? Fast and transparent processes? Missing!

We know how to do it better - with digital rental!

EverReal has mapped every single step of the tenant change process completely and seamlessly digitally and automated it to the maximum. The property lease management software with a central location for all data and processes, simpler and faster coordination as well as appointment management, complete and structured data.

Rental process - complete, seamless, 100% digital

Save up to 80% of your time* with our real estate software

*Example with 120 rentals per year, 50 inquiries per ad.
Save 2.6 days/year!

You would create exposes and market them on all relevant portals in EverReal in half the time it takes now.

Prospect Management
Save 82 working days/year!

Manual sifting and evaluation of incoming requests is no longer necessary. And you save around 82 working days, or 77% in time.

Viewing appointments
Save 10 working days/year!

Prospects book and manage viewing appointments independently in EverReal. That's why you save about 80 % of the time, which amounts to more than 10 working days per year.

Selection of applicants
Save 22 working days/year!

Self-disclosure is automatically requested and filled in within EverReal. The owner can select the desired tenant with one click. Time savings here of 77% of the time spent or 22 working days per year.

Contract processing
Save 6 working days/ year!

All master data is pre-filled and the e-signature plus digital dispatch save over 85 % of the time or around 6 working days annually.

Appartment handover
Save 12 working days/ year!

Inspection and handover of the apartment via app is done 65 % faster with EverReal and saves 12 working days per year.

These and many other real estate companies have invested 60 minutes and are more successful with EverReal

With EverReal, we were able to speed up the entire rental process. Among other things, the automatic scheduling of appointments and the online self-disclosure is a significant improvement. The rental process is now completely paperless right up to the handover.

Toni Altindagoglu,
CEO, PANDION Service Gesellschaft


Your savings:
53% of the time spent, 20 working hours or 2.6 working days per year*

*Example with 120 rentals per year, 50 inquiries per ad.

Professional exposés - effortless and fast

All your objects are imported into EverReal with master data and photos. Or EverReal synchronizes with your ERP system if you use our interface module. Your exposé is therefore mostly pre-filled, you add the few missing data with a few clicks. Done!

Exclusive customizable exposés with own URL

Stand out even more from the crowd? You can with the Exposé Editor module! Customize the font and color to match your corporate identity and structure your exposé according to your own requirements. The special feature: With the completion of the exposé, your own URL is also automatically created, so that you can even send your exposé in the form of a website in the future.

Rent securely at current market value - with integrated price indicator

With the additional module Rent Price Indicator you are guaranteed to rent at the optimal price and save yourself a lot of research work! Check in a few seconds whether your specified actual and target rent correspond to the market average or whether you are renting out your property below value. PriceHubble calculates the market rent range based on a variety of parameters in real time.

Define desired tenant profile and check out matching profiles first

Shared apartment community or family? Civil servant or  freelancer? Define the criteria for your desired tenant. When you receive requests from interested parties, EverReal compares your criteria with the information provided and generates a selection of objectively most suitable profiles for you automatically. So you only have to look at 20 instead of 200 requests!

Advertising - cost-conscious and efficient

Numerous useful automations relieve you of thinking work and save your marketing budget. For example, EverReal can automatically take the ad offline at your request when a minimum number of requests is reached. With one click, you publish your ad on all popular marketing portals and also share it on your website and Facebook page.

Save up to 50% on expenses with marketing portals

With the additional module "Flexible Advertising", you not only save on advertising costs, but also place your ads live on all marketing portals with one click. The entire communication with interested parties runs centrally via your EverReal account - ideal for keeping track at all times.

Your own pool of prospects in EverReal

With your own pool of prospects, you don't have to start marketing from scratch again and again - your prospects are already qualified and appreciate this great added value when you offer them your property exclusively first. This way, you can significantly reduce marketing times and costs in the long run - and without any additional effort.

Prospect management

Your savings:
77% of the time spent, 650 working hours or 81 working days per year*

*Example with 120 rentals per year, 50 inquiries per ad.

All requests in one place. And each one is answered.

Does your mailbox regularly overflow after an insertion? If you use EverReal, they all arrive in one place and are automatically assigned to the appropriate object. You can automate confirmations of receipt or requests for specific information. And cancellations can be done with just a few clicks and individual templates - short response times and appreciative communication are thus ensured!

Focus on the right prospects

400 requests for one ad? Not uncommon in metropolitan areas. With EverReal, you don't have to sift through and evaluate all prospects manually. EverReal does that for you based on your criteria and in seconds. So you focus on the objectively suitable profiles and have more time for personal customer service.

Viewing appointments

Your savings:
79% of the time spent, 83 workin g hours or 10 working days per year*

*Example with 120 rentals per year, 50 inquiries per ad.

Viewing appointments without follow-up phone calls

For viewings, you simply set your availabilities in the online calendar and the interested parties book the free dates when they are invited. The interested parties also reschedule appointments independently. This keeps your calendar up to date and you relaxed.

Our tip: Offer virtual tours in advance to pre-qualify applicants

It's not only useful, but also very convenient - for everyone involved: virtual tours in advance. With easy integration of 360° tours from providers like Ogulo or Immo-Tours, these are possible in EverReal. Applicants get a first impression and qualify as suitable tenants faster. You avoid unnecessary viewing appointments and no-shows.

Selection of applicants

Your savings:
67% of the time spent, 171 working hours or 21 working days per year*

*Example with 120 rentals per year, 50 inquiries per ad.

Request digital self-disclosure automatically

After the viewing, interested parties receive an invitation to complete the self-disclosure digitally. You can do this manually or completely automatically. You decide which data to request and which documents to submit.

Check creditworthiness with a few clicks directly from EverReal

The Schufa query is integrated in EverReal and saves you up to 10 minutes of working time per process. In a few seconds you can see all relevant information about the creditworthiness of the applicant - everything is automated and GDPR compliant. An existing Schufa report can be updated at any time.

Prospect communication: Fast messenger instead of long e-mails

EverReal offers a messenger function for communicating with interested parties - so that queries can be clarified quickly and easily. With standardized templates, you save a lot of time and what is discussed always remains transparent and comprehensible at all times.

Digitally match suitable tenant with owner

Your owner wants to get a picture of the eligible applicants and make the final decision? Sharing the applicant profiles including all documents and your notes costs you one click. Owners appreciate clearly prepared complete information and the possibility to select the desired tenant on the go.

Contract processing

Your savings:
85% of the time spent, 46 working hours or 6 working days per year*

*Example with 120 rentals per year, 50 inquiries per ad.

Rental agreements (almost) create themselves

Store your own templates and edit them while the contract is still being created. Object and applicant data are transferred directly, you only need to add a few missing pieces of information. Send the contract digitally to the recipient from the EverReal platform, or download it. The contract is available for further processing in the system at any time.

Lawyer tested templates incl. liability

With the add-on module Legally compliant lease templates you can access the checked templates directly in EverReal. Our partner, GROSS Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft mbH, specializes in advising property managers, landlords and owners. Plus, it also assumes liability for the legal validity of the deposited lease agreement templates.

Sign legally with e-signature and complete the rental process 75% faster

The mail for contract signatures drags out the final step? With EverReal, you can take care of that right away. Both parties sign the contract digitally - legally secure and convenient!

Apartment handover

Your savings:
53% of the time spent, 20 working hours or 2.6 working days per year*

*Example with 120 rentals per year, 50 inquiries per ad.

Don't forget anything with the EverReal handover app

Perform paperless home inspections and handovers using your smartphone or tablet. Record images, current meter readings and defects directly. The final protocol is digitally signed by both parties, saved and sent to all parties involved via email on site.

Handover protocols - legible, complete and centrally stored

Just like the property data, images, application documents and rental agreements, handover records are also stored centrally and in a structured manner. You and your employees can find what you are looking for with just a few clicks. Especially advantageous - all information is complete and easy to read!

These and many other real estate companies have invested 60 minutes and are more successful with EverReal

Our rental team has grown by only one employee in the last two years, but is now managing 50% more rentals. If I calculate the recruitment and salary costs for a new hire against the licensing costs of EverReal, we save one employee salary per year.

Stefan Frank