Sell real estate digitally with EverReal

Best equipped for the future - with the real estate software for agents

Benefit from digital opportunities in real estate sales

Professionalization of core business processes, such as real estate sales, is essential. Digital work processes automate routines and enable real estate agents and managers to be less clerks and more controllers.

EverReal has digitally mapped every single step of the real estate sales process completely and seamlessly and automated it to the maximum. A central location for all data and processes, easier and faster coordination and appointment management.

Let us advise you and simply try it out - with the 30-day test account, your data and our instructions. Completely free of charge and without contract commitment.

Sales process - complete, seamless, 100% digital.
80% less time spent and routine tasks

Save 2.6 days/year!

You would create exposes and market them on all relevant portals in EverReal in half the time it takes now.

incl. cancellation policy & commission agreement
Prospect Management
Save 82 working days/ year!

Manual sifting and evaluation of incoming requests is no longer necessary. And you save around 82 working days, or 77% in time.

Viewing appointments
Save 10 working days/ year!

Prospects book and manage viewing appointments independently in EverReal. That's why you save about 80 % of the time, which amounts to more than 10 working days per year.

Buyers selection
Save 5 working days/ year!

Smart Tenant Matching qualifies prospective buyers much faster, e.g. by confirming financing.  You can automatically obtain purchase offers digitally from potential buyers in just a few clicks. Time savings here of 69 % of the time spent or 5 working days per year.

These and other real estate companies are already renting and selling without a flood of paperwork, chaotic appointments and stress.

It's a completely different way of working that also brings a modern customer experience - professional, transparent, fast. It simply fits into the digital age and is fun, for our employees and our customers.

Sascha Lübke,
CEO, Compass Immobilien


Professional exposés - effortless and fast

All your objects are imported with master data and photos into EverReal, or synchronized with your ERP system, if you use such an interface module. Your exposé is therefore mostly pre-filled, the few missing data you complete with a few clicks.

Do you want to stand out more from the crowd? With the Exposé Editor, you can individualize your exposé to match your corporate image and structure it according to your own requirements. With the completion of the exposé, a custom URL is also automatically created so that you can even send your exposé in the form of a website in the future.

Select desired candidates with smart buyer matching

Set desired criteria for matching buyers with just a few clicks. When prospective buyer inquiries come in, EverReal matches your criteria with the information and sorts the matching profiles for you.

Advertise real estate - efficient and cost-saving

With numerous helping automations you will save your working time and marketing budget. For example, at your request, EverReal can automatically take the ad offline when a certain number of requests is reached. With one click, you can make your ad live on all popular marketing portals and on your website, and share it on social media.

With the additional module "Advertise flexibly" you can advertise your properties up to 50% less costs. Plus, you don't have any additional contracts with advertising platforms - we take care of that for you.

Prospect management

All requests in one place. And each one is answered.

Do you still need to log into each marketing portal to read and respond to the requests? In EverReal they all arrive in one place and are automatically assigned to the corresponding object. The cancellation policy and the commission agreement are automatically obtained.

Focus on the right prospects

With EverReal, you don't have to manually sift through and evaluate all prospects. EverReal does that for you based on your criteria and in seconds. So you focus on the objectively suitable profiles and have more time for personal conversations. 

Viewing appointments

Viewing appointments without follow-up phone calls

Set your availabilities in the online calendar and let the interested parties book the free dates when they are invited. The interested parties also reschedule appointments independently. This keeps your calendar up to date and you relaxed.

Buyers selection

Fast and modern communication via messenger

For the communication with the candidates there is the messenger function in EverReal - so that queries are clarified quickly and easily. This is particularly advantageous when colleagues are on vacation or absent due to illness. The entire communication process is traceable and transparent at all times.

Obtain purchase offers with a few clicks

Often, negotiating the purchase price of a property can become very time consuming. With EverReal, you have the option of obtaining a purchase offer from your prospective buyers directly through EverReal. You can see all submitted offers at a glance in EverReal and thus have another qualification criterion that you can use to select the right buyer.

Your own pool of prospects in EverReal

With your own pool of prospects, you don't have to start marketing from scratch again and again - your prospects are already qualified and appreciate this great added value when you offer them your property exclusively first. This way, you can significantly reduce marketing times and costs in the long run - and without any additional effort.